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American Patriot Solar Community

American Patriot Solar Community

Created by apsolar on 19/05/2015
Updated on 19/05/2015
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3652 N Rancho, Suite 101
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89130

Phone: 702-227-9205

Website: http://www.apsolar.com

We believe most Americans, if they could afford it, would fulfill the following desires:

*They would like to help their country reduce its dependence of foreign oil.

*They would like to be responsible and reduce their carbon foot-print.

*They would like to leave a greener world to their children.

While researching a way to achieve these goals for ourselves and our own families, we found out that the legislators elected to represent us in our government actually got things right and have written laws to help us achieve all of the above goals.

The laws they have written allow us to install solar panels at consumer costs so low that some consumers can actually make money by installing our solar panels. It is not obvious how the laws allow this and it took us a good deal of work to sort out how best to do it.

Now that we have, we wanted to start a company to help other people do the same thing. We envision the company as a way to build a community of people all trying to help themselves and their country. We hope to be able to do some good


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